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“Foxfinder” – Review

Foxfinder, a play by Dawn King, presents the audience with a depressing tableau. The English countryside is not safe, nor plentiful. The threat of starvation hangs over a chastened, weary land. There are bad harvests, bad weather. Farmers fall behind on their quotas. But still England expects that they will do their duty. Continue reading

Unmasking Elena Ferrante

I imagine you have heard of it already, billed as both a great piece of investigative journalism and a terrible crime against literature: the presumed unmasking of the hitherto unknown Elena Ferrante, an Italian writer of style whose essential feature, whose animating influence, had been anonymity. She could have been anyone. That was the thrill; that was a serious attraction. Continue reading

Interview: Reporting from the Front Line Against ISIS

The concurrent wars in Iraq and Syria are possibly the most vital of our times. There is something essential about them, as they encompass so much of what gives contemporary international affairs its shape and impetus. Continue reading